We all love cakes especially the ones made to order!

The hassle of placing an order and giving enough notice is sometime frustrating but trust us, it does pay off!

Nothing compares with a beautiful decorated well-made fresh cake!

Our promise is that we'll try to make the ordering process quick and easy, hassle free! 

When we submit a quotation for a cake, we take in consideration the flavour, number of portions, the design requested also the price of the packaging.

 Intricate decorations, cake toppers, sculpted cakes, all involve significantly more production time, so the total cost depends on the price of the cake plus the amount of time spent for decorating.

The cost of a cake related order starts from £ 350.

In order for us to confirm the final cost will need you to submit your request to where you should mention

the type and quantity of cake needed, theme of the party or wedding, all you think is going to be relevant for the project. We will submit a sketch based on your request and agree every detail before confirming the total cost.

Once we get all agreed payment will be required to secure the slot.