Here are some of the most popular flavours.

If you cannot see your favourite here please get in touch, we have the knowledge to accommodate any request. 

            SPONGE CAKES  :



-red velvet







-chiffon( soft sponge) 



- vanilla buttercream 

-chocolate buttercream 

-salted caramel

-peanut buttercream

-cheese frosting

-chocolate ganache and mousse( dark, milk, ruby or white)

-fruits( berries, bananas, oranges, peaches, cherries, kiwi, figs )

-ganache with alcohol  ( Bailey's, Marc du Champagne, Rum, Whiskey) 

for more examples of the flavours we do click here  







Dark, milk, ruby and white chocolate bonbons available to order with a variety of fillings:

banana, coconut, coffee, caramel, mango, passion fruit, berries, vanilla, chocolate, orange, lemon, mint, whiskey, champagne, salted caramel, pistachio, hazelnuts, rum, speculoos, earl grey tea, matcha tea.

Dark, milk, ruby and white chocolate bars available to order in various combinations

crunchy feuilletine, salted caramel bar

ginger coconut snap bar

mango coconut crispy bar

salted caramel peanut bar

Examples of our chocolate products can be seen here