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Indulge in the Berry-Licious Delight:

Immerse yourself in layers of ethereal vanilla sponge cake, each generously drizzled with luscious syrups and alternating with velvety chocolate and vibrant berry mousse. A symphony of textures and flavors, this artisan creation is adorned with delicate piped chocolate mousse and a crown of glistening fresh fruits.

Each generous 1kg cake serves 8-10 eager dessert enthusiasts, depending on the size of your slice. But be warned – its irresistible charm might tempt you to indulge in a larger portion!

Crafted with care:

Our cakes are a testament to freshness and purity, containing no preservatives or artificial additives. To savor their full glory, we recommend enjoying them within 2 days and storing them properly at 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Exclusively yours:

This masterpiece is available for collection only from our shop, and we require a 48-hour notice to craft it to perfection.

A glimpse into its essence:

  • Sponge: Eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, sunflower oil
  • Filling: Chocolate, cream, sugar, vanilla, your choice of berries
  • Topping: Fresh fruits, intricate chocolate decorations, piped mousse

Important allergy information:

While we source our ingredients from trusted suppliers and prepare everything from scratch, our bakery environment handles a variety of allergens. Therefore, we do not recommend our products to individuals with allergies or intolerances to EGGS, DAIRY, NUTS, GLUTEN, SESAME, or SOY.

Delicious chocolate mousse and berries artisan cake 

Layers of soft vanilla sponge drizzled with syrups alternating with layers of chocolate and berries mousse, beautifully piped with chocolate mousse and decorated with fresh fruits 

Each 1kg cake of cake will feed about 8 to 10 people depending on the size of the slice As it is so yummy you may want to consider a large size for each  ))

Our cakes do not contain preservatives or non-sense additives, so we recommend being consumed within 2 days and stored correctly at  5-10 degrees Celsius.

 This is a collection from our shop-only product; we need 48 h notice to produce the item.

Sponge's ingredients :

Eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, sunflower oil

Filling's ingredients:

Chocolate, cream, sugar, vanilla, berries as per request


 Fresh fruits, chocolate decorations, piped mousse

We make our products from scratch and buy the ingredients we use from reputable suppliers

Free delivery within 6 miles on orders over £80.

Otherwise, £5 delivery.

Free collection from our bakery.

 Allergy advice 

As we manoeuvre a variety of ingredients in our bakery, we do not recommend our products to people with allergies/ intolerances to the following allergens:



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A. How long will take to receive my order?

1.Orders placed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursday will be dispatched on Mondays

2.Orders placed on Fridays & Saturdays will be dispached on Tuesdays

3.Orders placed on Sundays & Mondays will be dispatched on Wednesday

B. Why it takes that long to dispatch an order?

We are artisan chocolatiers and make all chocolates to order, following your requests. The chocolate has to be temperate, moulded and decorations have to be applied then all has to be left to crystallise properly without rushing bebore sending it out. That gives the chocolate a great snap, shine and taste plus it extends its shelf life.

C.Can you write a message by hand on chocolate ?

We can write by hand but number of character is limited to 20