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Artisan chocolaterie



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Artisan chocolaterie

Chocolate ganache 

Freshly made delicious ganache, no preservatives added,

Shelf life up to 2 weeks if stored below 10 degrees Celsius. Should be removed from the fridge and left at room temperature 3 hours prior to usage.

Suitable for:

-spreading on a toast

-filling the cakes

-preparing chocolate buttercream

-preparing a quick mousse

-making the dripping effect on the cake 


chocolate( flavour as per request). cream( plant-based for the vegan option), sugars.

This product is suitable for national and local delivery or collection from our shop 

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A. How long will take to receive my order?

1.Orders placed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursday will be dispatched on Mondays

2.Orders placed on Fridays & Saturdays will be dispached on Tuesdays

3.Orders placed on Sundays & Mondays will be dispatched on Wednesday

B. Why it takes that long to dispatch an order?

We are artisan chocolatiers and make all chocolates to order, following your requests. The chocolate has to be temperate, moulded and decorations have to be applied then all has to be left to crystallise properly without rushing bebore sending it out. That gives the chocolate a great snap, shine and taste plus it extends its shelf life.

C.Can you write a message by hand on chocolate ?

We can write by hand but number of character is limited to 20